Oh, Wednesday

Just a quick recap – this post has nothing to do with food, and sometimes we just gotta be fluid, so here it goes.

This is how today went.  My alarm goes off at 6:15.  I am a night owl.  I have literally spent the last ten years of my life tricking my brain, training my brain and my body to get a good night’s sleep, so I go to bed earlier than I want, and seem to get up in the morning a functioning adult, so I think it’s working.

Like everyone, we have a morning routine. Ours involves one parent going off to work (Michel), and one parent (me) taking care of our beast dog, Gale, and two sons, and Monday thru Friday getting them ready and off to school.  (One day, in the future, when I am really feeling feisty, you guys can get a glimpse of my love for carpool.)  Today started out like every other typical morning.  I did notice the sky was a bit brighter a bit earlier, and it’s the ultimate sign that spring is on its way.

It was all fun and games until L&L and I were walking out the door, and I noticed our ten year old washing machine was no longer spinning.  I got in the van thinking, “Okay.  Ten years.  We got our money’s worth.  When will I have time to research a new machine.”  Like every mother, working in the home or in the office, it’s true, our brains are straight up one million, yes one million opened tabs.  And so, I got LT off.  Phew.

L2 and I were headed to see Uncle Luke, who unfortunately was suffering from twelve stitches in the leg and a cut finger from a motorcycle accident the night before.  Thankfully, no serious damage done.  On our drive, I was thinking how beautiful it was outside.  In Maryland, we don’t see days like today in the second week of March.  It was as if God was really smiling down on us.  And just as I was thinking that, Michel called to let me know his day hadn’t really started the way he planned either.

I was a mix of anger, frustration, and frankly, I just wanted to laugh at how the day was unfolding.  We had been up barely two hours and I felt like we were going off the rails.  And then, Michel called again.  Are you sensing a theme?  The restaurant is having the last section of roof repaired, but that was screwed up due to an accidental gas pipe being cut.  Wow!  Really?!?!?!?

I called L2’s school to say our day wasn’t going as planned, and he wouldn’t make it.  I texted a few my girlfriends and my brother about the crazy that was taking place.  I called my mom.  While I was on the phone with her, I realized, the sun is shining, my sunroof is open, God miraculously spared Luke from severe injury, the restaurant wasn’t opened yet, and the gas line would be safely fixed before we did.  Mom offered for me to bring my laundry over this weekend. Everything wasn’t coming up roses, but it was all looking a lot better than the previous two hours. You might have to check out the company that can help you with the legalities when it comes to injuries.

And the day kept getting better.  It’s amazing how weather can completely change our mood!

I noticed around lunch that this new site, with this new blog, was propagating, and soon, Michel and I would be sharing Tersiguel’s and our lives in more intimate way.

After school, L&L went swimming at an indoor pool, and had a blast.  Michel called to say he was leaving work early, which meant we could hunt for a new washing machine together, and eat dinner together.

As we were driving home, I kept thinking, I wanted to share this day with you.  Nothing.  Literally, nothing special happened.  And many things could have really rocked the boat.  Instead, I just continued to put my faith in God, and it ended up being a great day.

I know this isn’t what I just introduced this blog to be about, but I know we have all been in this boat, some even today.  Michel will often say in the kitchen we need to be fluid.  We need to be able to change and adapt quickly on the crazy circumstances owning a restaurant can throw our way.  Today, I practiced being fluid.


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