Up until about a month ago, we had a pretty hefty issue with water in our backyard.  And by hefty, I mean our yard was a swamp.  And by swamp, I mean L&L couldn’t play in our backyard without rain boots on ever.  Thankfully, last month, we finally had a landscaper drop French drains, rework the downspouts and our yard has dried out.  As a result, we had some pretty bad shape rain boots laying around.  With Earth Day just this past Friday and the weather coming around I thought L&L and I could recycle these well loved, and now too small boots.

We went to Frank’s Nursery in Elkridge.  I mentioned to Chef I could have spent my whole day there, but we were just picking up flowers for this project.  I pointed out the wave petunia to L&L and told them to pick any two they wanted.


We should pause for a second.  I am not a gardner.  I don’t have a green thumb.  I am more of pea green with some brown swirled in.  I have to admit, that’s real progress from my black thumb a few years ago, so I feel like I am going in the right direction.  Most importantly for me is that I enjoy being in the garden.  It brings me so much joy and relaxation working in the dirt, and seeing some of fruits of labor come to fruition.  Additionally, I want L&L to know the importance of gardening, and experience the joy it brings.  If you are a gardening doubter, you just need to get out there, and start small.  I am so far from an expert, but I just keep building my knowledge from year to the next.

Back to the task at hand.  I would like you to meet my favorite non-kitchen tool.  The power drill.  I fitted this guy with the largest drill bit I own.
I very carefully drilled two holes in the bottom of the boots.  If you don’t have a drill or don’t like using them, no problem.  Using a hammer and a nail, hammer several holes in the bottoms of each boot.

There is no secret as to how well loved these boots really were.  Next, I asked L&L to gather a bunch of rocks and pebbles from our backyard.  Oh, boy.  To say they really weren’t interested was an understatement, but they hung in there for a few minutes.

I filled the bottom of each boot.  Tilting them forward a bit to make sure there was plenty of stones in the toes to weigh them down.  I figured between the holes and the rocks there would be sufficient water drainage.

Next up I added a scoop of potting soil.  Which I neglected to take a photo.  Then I added a petunia to each boot.  I like wave petunias because they cascade.  I am pretty excited to see these in full bloom.

For now LT’s boots.

And L2’s boots.

And together.

I am not sure this is their final summer landing spot.  A new fence for our yard is coming, and I thought I could string them to the gates.  Will see.  For now, I am just enjoying all the memories these boots carry for a bit longer.