Ultimate Potato Salad

This past weekend was a significant reminder as to why I wanted to start blogging about food, family, and fun.  Saturday, my older brother turned 40, and Sunday, of course, was Easter.  In a strange turn of events, I hosted my family for dinner both nights.  For some, it seems daunting, but I looked at […]

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Easter Egg Dyeing

Ever since I was a child, I have loved this long standing tradition of dyeing Easter eggs.  And when I think back, there were five littles, and I feel like we dyed eggs for days.  Mom?  How many eggs did you hard cook?

Times have changed, and with only two littles here, and neither one will […]

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Smoked Salmon Dip

Last night, I attended L2’s school’s Annual Purse Bingo.  It’s such a hoot! And even though I didn’t take away the beautiful baby blue Kate Spade purse I was coveting, as was my neighbor, I had a great time just catching up with both life-long friends and new friends, too.

The event is pretty relaxed in […]

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Well Done Grasshopper

With St. Patrick’s Day just around the corner, I mean tomorrow, I couldn’t let this chance go by and not share one of my ultimate guilty pleasure cocktails – The Grasshopper.

I will admit, I completely romanticize this cocktail.  I dream of long forgotten 1940s cocktail parties, where ladies wore stunning dresses with sweetheart necklines, cap sleeves […]

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Cauliflower Purée

Remember last week when the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and Baltimore was setting weather records for hitting 80˚.  Yup, I remember too.  I had grilling on my mind.  And then remember Saturday when we lost an hour of sleep.  You remember, or maybe you are too tired to remember why you are […]

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Let’s Talk About Salt-N-Pepa

Let’s face it.  We all have our favorite recipes, drinks, desserts, even kitchen tools, BUT no matter what any of those items may be, we are often neglectful of the most important items in our kitchens.  That’s right, I am talking about good ole S&P!

Salt and pepper are the back bones of flavoring food.  It’s […]

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Oh, Wednesday

Just a quick recap – this post has nothing to do with food, and sometimes we just gotta be fluid, so here it goes.

This is how today went.  My alarm goes off at 6:15.  I am a night owl.  I have literally spent the last ten years of my life tricking my brain, training my […]

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I have wanted to start this blog for a long time. Not for fame, or notoriety, but because I really enjoy spending time in the kitchen, cooking, baking, and entertaining. And frankly, I want to share the joy and love with those that are interested.

I am one paragraph in, and to be honest, I have […]

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