Hors d’Oeuvres

Foie Gras 18
Seared Hudson Valley foie gras with crispy beets, grilled local plum halves & house made plum vinaigrette

Coquille St Jacques 15
Pan roasted scallops with apricots & pecan noisette butter

Escargot 12
Escargot baked with butter, parsley, garlic, shallots & white wine

Pâté 12
Odette’s house made country pate with traditional garnish of cornichons & seeded mustard

Salade Anise 12
Shaved fennel with watercress, sliced red grapes, sliced apricots, goat cheese & virgin olive oil vinaigrette

Salade Frisée 12
Buckwheat cheese crepe with warm frisée greens, shiitake mushrooms, poached egg & shallot dressing

Soupe de Bretagne 12
Breton fish soup with traditional garnish of croutons, rouille, parsley & grated cheese


Le Pain Perdu 17
Baguette French toast with orange supremes, pecans, maple syrup & whipped cream

Omelette Forestière 17
French style omelet with Swiss cheese, shiitake mushrooms & demi-glace

Crepe Paysanne 18
Buckwheat crepe with oyster mushrooms, lardons, onions, leeks, and potatoes, topped with poached egg

Crepe Ma Façon 18
Buckwheat cheese crepe topped with house made ratatouille, poached egg & watercress salad garnish

Bœuf et Oeufs 26
Grilled Kobe sirloin from Snake River Farms Idaho with leek and onion frittata, with watercress salad & chanterelle sauce

Canard 22
Duck leg confit with poutine, demi-glace & poached egg

Saumon 24
Grilled seasonal salmon with French beans, walnuts, Belgian endive, pears & Dijon vinaigrette