(I am not going to lie, I just wanted to use that title.)

As I was preparing this dish the other evening for dinner, I was thinking about how much I enjoy eating fish, but I rarely plan to make it.  I came up with two and a half reasons.  One, oh, that’s right, my kids don’t eat it.  Two, generally, when I dine out, I order fish simply because I know I am not likely to prepare it at home.  And the half reason – the fear factor.  And today, I am going to put all of your fish preparing fears to rest!

Readers. Meet tin foil.  More commonly known as aluminum foil.  I do not know why I call it tin foil.  It is not tin.  It has not been commonly used since WWII and considering, I was a several decades away from birth, I really, truly have no idea why I call it that, but it’s been a 35 year habit in the making, so just be with me on this. (Just a little inside look at my brain.)

Reasons I love using tin foil “packets” for preparing fish…
1)It makes preparing fish easy.  See. No fear.
2) You can use any fish.
3) You want to grill it, broil it, bake it.  You can.
4) You can put any combo of flavors in them.
5) You can make one or ten or a hundred.
6) And the best part – the easiest clean up.  Unless, you have a personal dishwasher, in which case, you may not be as excited about this reason.

My go to for foil packets is citrus fruit.  Sliced lemons.  Aahhh, can you smell the freshness?  You need three to four slices for each packet.


Next you need to tear of foil pieces large enough to hold your fish.  No real science here.  Half sheet pan size is a good estimate.

Start with the lemons slices in the middle. This is your base.  Add your fish.

Add salt, pepper, and herbs if you like.  I threw in some thyme.  (Quick side note – I cannot wait for the herb garden to be planted and growing, but first we all will sit and wait for Mother Nature to come around to the idea that the rest of are ready for SPRING!)  Throw a little drizzle of your choice of oil on top.

foil-wrapped-fish-tersiguelsWrap the fish.  Not too tight.  And throw it in the oven, or on the grill and dinner is almost ready.

Ahh.  Delicious halibut.  This is an easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy recipe. Literally.

Citrus Halibut Foil Packets
6 oz halibut filets (or any fish you have on hand or like)
sliced lemons, three to four for each packet
herbs – thyme, tarragon, parsley, cilantro, rosemary
oil, a drizzle for each
tin foil, a section for each portion of fish

Preheat the oven to 425 degrees.  Or fire up the grill.

Line each foil section with lemons.  Top with halibut.  Season with salt and pepper.  Add an herbs and a drizzle of oil.  Fold the packets up loosely.  Place on a sheet pan for baking in the oven.  Bake for 15-18 minutes.  Let set for several minutes before opening the packets.  Serve in the foil if you like.